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Frequently Asked Questions You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

1. How do you make your products?

Using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Cutting Technology. Each design that we make gets converted into a series of numbers and commands which is then fed into a machine which controls the operation of the CNC cutter. The result is beautiful, precise designs which can be cut from steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

2. How long will an order take?

Timelines will depend on the particulars of your order, so be sure to discuss required timelines with us at the outset of your project. Due to the customization and specialty nature of each project please allow around 2-4 weeks for projects in natural steel, and 4-6 weeks for powdercoated projects.

3. Once my piece is complete, can I pick it up or do you deliver?

We offer pickup + delivery locally in Saskatoon and can ship to most provinces throughout Canada. We offer shipping to other regions on request. Please allow 5 to 7 days for shipments within Canada.

4. What if I have a custom design in mind?

Simply present us with your design or a rough idea (this may be a sketch or photo) and our designers will get to work to realize your vision. Fill out one of our custom order forms online or send us an email for a quote.

5. What is the process at Remnant Steel?

Beginning with conversations with you, we move on to drawings to realize the final product. Once you’re happy with the design, we move to production which includes cutting and finishing the product the way you want. Quality assurance throughout the process ensures your piece matches your expectations. See our ‘About Page’ for more information on our process.

6. What are the materials that you work with?

We offer a variety of metal types and thickness and we can provide material recommendations based on your project specifics. We use aluminum for all of our powdercoated screens and house numbers. Aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t rust. If exposed to the elements, a white oxidization may form, but the material will never rust like steel would under the powdercoat. However, if you like the look of rust (or an “aged patina” as we like to call it) we offer steel as an option for most of our products, which will rust naturally over time if left outdoors. We also commonly create pieces from stainless steel. If left unfinished, stainless steel won’t tarnish over time and will maintain a beautiful grain finish.

7. What kind of finish can my piece have?

Please view standard options on our online forms. If you have a unique color in mind, just let us know! Powdercoating comes in virtually any color so the possibilities are endless. Just remember that a custom color might mean a longer lead time or an additional fee.

8. Do you do on site consultations?

Yes, we offer on-site consultations in Saskatoon. However, since we are a small company, we require a small fee for this service. We encourage customers to first provide a picture of the area where they want to install their project and provide general measurements so that a quote can be made first, before proceeding with an on-site consultation. If a customer is using a builder, it is best that they have their builder or contractor call us directly as they will be qualified to determine the final measurements.

9. Do you install?

At the current time we do not provide installation. However, we would advise that you reach out to a contractor or landscape professional in your area, accordingly, based on your project and requirements. If you are in Saskatoon, we would be happy to send you some recommendations for contractors who have experience with our product.

10. Where can I see examples of your products?

Through one of our suppliers: Steelmet in Saskatoon, SK (House Numbers + Metal Screens), Warman Homes Centre in Warman, SK (House Numbers + Metal Screens), Deck City in Winnipeg, MB (Metal Screens). Or you are welcome to make an appointment to come into our showroom where we have some sample products on display at our shop and are open by appointment during the week (#101 2543 Dudley St, Saskatoon).

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