Custom Artwork + Design.

Our talented team of artists can create unique, one of a kind artwork for your next project. We work with home owners, designers and business owners on public art projects, office artwork, showrooms, parks, courtyards + more. We strive to help bring your ideas to life…and then some!

The Process

Whether you have a loose concept or a very specific idea, we can work with you to help realize your vision. We are happy to collaborate on your personal project, for your home or yard, or on larger scale projects for your business or non-profit. Whether it’s a cultural, industry, or personal design, we can make it come to life. We’ll walk you through the process below!


Fill us in on your project details using one of the custom order forms on our website so that we can discuss your needs and help you with your project. Click “Get Started” above!

Step TWO: Plan

We’ll discuss your project, budget, expectations and timeline as well as our design fees and scope of services. This stage will help get us in sync before we begin the design stage!

Step THREE: Artwork + Design

Through discussion of your ideas, we’ll bring your specific vision to life. Our team will produce design options and check in frequently to make sure we’re on the same page. Our talented team of artists have backgrounds in illustration, painting, sketching and other artwork mediums so we’re confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Step FOUR: Manufacturing

We work primarily with steel but also incorporate other building materials (acrylic, glass, vinyl, etc.) into our projects when it suits the design. We have a wide range of resources and connections to make your project possible. Typically, the manufacturing process includes CNC laser cutting, welding and bending as required and then it’s off to powdercoating (depending on the specifics of your project of course).

Step FIVE: COMPLETION & Delivery

This is when you get to see your vision come to life. We’ll notify you that your project is done, and you can either make an appointment to pick up your project or arrange to have us ship it out to you!

Let’s create inspired living spaces together.

We strive to create artistic pieces that bring joy, inspire creativity and enhance your indoor or outdoor space.