3 Digit – 7″ x 17″


Make your home stand out with the refined style of our Premium Steel Address Plate. This high-quality 7 inch by 17 inch plate combines elegant aesthetics with practical functionality to upgrade your exterior.

Featuring a polished, modern 3-digit design, the proportions of the tall, slender plate provide ample space to prominently display your home’s address. The numerals are artfully arranged in a stacked linear layout for a clean, contemporary look. This symmetry captures attention while remaining clearly visible from the street.

Crafted from durable, weather-resistant steel, the plate is built to maintain its pristine appearance despite the elements. Choose from two rich finishes to complement your home’s character – a sleek brushed Stainless Steel option that exudes understated sophistication, or bold Semi-Gloss Black for serious curb appeal.

Customization further allows you to make it your own. Select number fonts that reflect your taste, from classic elegance to modern simplicity. The clear, distinct digits are optimized for easy readability at a distance. Our premium steel address plates are manufactured locally in Saskatoon, Canada.

With its refined 3-digit styling, quality steel construction, and customizable options, this address plate enhances any exterior. It provides more than just identification – the contemporary symmetrical design and proportioned dimensions make a subtle statement about your appreciation for minimalist style.

Elevate curb appeal with this modern steel address plate. A combination of form and function that reflects your personal aesthetic.

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 49 × 3 cm

7×17 (3 Digit- Horizontal + Vertical)


Vertical, Horizontal


GT, Avalon


Stainless Steel (brushed finish), Semi-Gloss Black


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