3 Digit Offset – 7″ x 24″


Make your home stand out with the distinctive style of our premium 3 digit steel address plate. This high-quality plate combines sleek, modern aesthetics with functionality to become a unique design feature for your exterior.

Measuring a substantial 12 by 12 inches, the plate makes a prominent statement on any home. Its offset 3-digit design adds visual intrigue. This contemporary styling ensures your address plate catches the eye while still remaining clearly legible from the curb.

Only the finest materials are used, with the plate expertly crafted from durable, local steel to maintain its pristine look for years! You have the choice of two rich finishes to match your home’s character. Select a refined brushed Stainless Steel option for an elegant, timeless look. Or make a bold statement with the deep black Semi-Gloss finish that delivers serious curb appeal.

Customization is a nice way to personalize your front door or gate! Tailor the font style and finish to your taste, whether sleek and modern or classic sophistication. Whichever you choose, the clear numbers are optimized and designed for easy readability at a distance.

With its unique offset 3-digit design, high-quality steel construction, and custom styling options, our Premium Steel Address Plate upgrades the exterior of any home. It’s far more than just an address marker – it’s a contemporary design feature that makes a subtle yet definite statement about your personal sense of style!

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 66 × 23 × 3 cm

7×24 – offset (3 Digit)


Vertical, Horizontal


GT, Avalon


Stainless Steel (brushed finish), Semi-Gloss Black


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